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In Darkness and Hope

Nonny Blackthorne :: Fantasy and Romance Author

Nonny Blackthorne
18 March 1985
Heyla! I'm Nonny Blackthorne, though I've gone by several other names in the past. AK, which the Sheroes Central crowd know me by. Elisabeth Drake, one of my pen names, and Alina Morgan, my current pen name.

There's a reason I call myself She-of-Many-Names. :)

I'm a published fantasy and romance author. If you're interested in reading more about my work, visit da website.

In other mundane (as I ever get) details, I'm living with my polyfamily, which includes my fiance, warinbear, fiancee, omimouse, my boytoy/metamour/whateverthefuckwe'recallingit Louis, and girlfriend/domme Jade.

Moving on to the non-mundane now...

I'm somewhere under the trans* umbrella, female-identified, polyamorous, queer (panromantic lesbian; I am attracted to feminine personalities, and bodies are for the most part irrelevant), disabled, mentally ill, kinky, feminist, fat, secular pagan, weird, writer, and a total goth chick. I am probably forgetting some identifier here. I am NOT normal, and I'll never BE normal. If this offends you, the door is that way.

Bottom line: It's my blog. My rules. Don't like it? Tough shit.

NOTE: I am now filtering my journal. Please see my top-level post for friends request and to let me known which filters you would like to be on. By default, I place new people into the Life/General, Heath, and Writing filters. If you are interested in anything further, you need to let me know. Thanks!